Sunday Prayer: In Times of Fear

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This prayer is inspired by Psalm 27 and the sermon that I preached on it today.  This psalm has been important in the last year of my life as I have faced a number of transitions. 

IMG_0835Lord, you are our light and our salvation.

We don’t have anything to fear.

And yet, we are afraid of many things.

We are afraid of money, and not having enough.

We are afraid of people who hurt us.

We are afraid of the world our children are growing up in.

We are afraid of being alone.

We are afraid you aren’t listening anymore.


You hear our fears.

You know our fears.

You have experienced fear.  

And you have conquered fear in your death on the cross.

You give us light.

You bring us salvation and healing.

You hide us in a safe place.


Help us to turn from our fear to trust in you.

Give us courage today

to trust

that we will see your goodness.

Give us patience today

to trust

as we wait.

Give us hope today

to trust

that you are holding us.



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