Sunday Prayer: To Pay Attention

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Writers pay attention; they notice things.  This was one of my takeaways from Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Writing.  I want to be someone who pays attention and helps other people notice the pain and beauty intermingled in this world.  So this weekend, this is my prayer.



Creative God,

Help me to pay attention,

to notice,

to behold

the big picture

and the details.


May I have eyes to see:

the receding snow bank

and sprouting tulips,

glistening raindrops

and a blazing sunrise.


May I behold—really see–

the people around me,

anxious and rejoicing,

angry and content,

jealous and loving.


May I attend to your work,

noticing the ways you are working,

in people,

in relationships,

in congregations,

in neighborhoods,

in countries.


May I listen to the whisper of your Spirit,

coming through stories.  Stories of an

enthusiastic welcome,

bittersweet meal,

sham trial,




In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.




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