The Olympic Torch (Throwback Thursday)

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Olympic Torch Relay, July 2008
Olympic Torch Relay, July 2008


Today is Labor Day in China, and China celebrates with a week long holiday.  Lots of people travel and enjoy the time off from work.

This picture is when my friend (Chinese student from Switzerland) and I attempted to see the Olympic torch as it passed through Xi’an on its tour around China before the Beijing Olympics.  I say attempted because we never actually got to see the torch.  We naively assumed that since we knew the route the torch would take we would show up and be able to line the streets.  When we got somewhat close to the area we discovered that the police had blocks around the route barricaded off for “peace and security,” and you could only get in if you had the proper documentation.  We probably could have gotten it if we had known we would need it, but by then it was too late.  So instead of seeing the torch, we saw hundreds (thousands?) of really excited Chinese people celebrating that the Olympics were going to be in their country…even if they couldn’t see the torch either.  It wasn’t the day we expected, but it was still memorable.

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