Photography Practice

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed taking pictures.  Photography is one of my favorite visual arts.  I’ve had learning about photography on my “bucket list” for a couple of years.  This winter, I got a bit more serious about it, with a new camera.  I’m slowly learning all of the functions and how the different settings have to work together to get a great photo (I’m still not on full-manual but that’s the goal).

I spent Memorial Day weekend camping at Ludington State Park, which has ample opportunities for photography. This weekend I noticed a switch in me.  I usually took pictures of where I went.  This weekend, I went places to take pictures.  So I did things a little differently.

I got up early for sunrise and early morning light photos.

Lost Lake in Morning Light


I went to the beach in the evening for sunset photos over Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Sunset


I hiked back from Big Sable Point Lighthouse in the dark (with a headlamp) so that I could get photos of the lighthouse at sunset and in “blue hour.”

Light in the Gathering Darkness
Big Sable Point Lighthouse


I walked around in the rain, attempting to catch a great photo in inclement weather.

Mossy Stump

All in all, I had fun exploring and seeing things through my camera lens.  I think my photography is getting better, so I will be able to bring you better photos of China!

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