Shanghai Tofu (Throwback Thursday)

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Food is one of the things that I’m looking forward to most about moving back to China.  This was one of my team’s favorite dishes at one of our neighborhood restaurants.  It was called Shanghai Tofu.  The squares of soft and creamy tofu were lightly breaded and fried for a crispy outside and creamy inside.  On top there is a very flavorful meat sauce (this is not vegetarian tofu).

If you look closely, you can see common Chinese utensils.  There is the ubiquitous pot of tea and tea cups.  Then each person has a plate to put food on from the common dishes in the middle of the table (we were sharing the tofu and whatever other dishes we ordered) and a bowl for the rice that comes towards the end of the meal.  We also had a set of chopsticks and a spoon (it is in the bowl).

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