Sunday Prayer: Thank You for Lake Michigan

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One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Michigan.  It is a place that I need to say goodbye to.  Writing this prayer helps.   


IMG_6049Creative and Loving God,

Thank you for Lake Michigan.


Thank you for abundant water.

Water is life.

You offer abundant life,

Lake Michigan sized life.

Help me to fully immerse myself into the depths of this life.


Thank you for the vastness of the lake.

The Big Lake reminds me

To dream big,

To dream God-sized dreams.

Help me to see and jump into the ways you are at work.


Thank you for wide sandy beaches and towering dunes.

I feel the sand between my toes,

And remember your promise to Abraham:

Your descendants will be more than grains of sand.

Help me remember that you are a God who keeps covenant promises.


Thank you for the danger of the lake.

Icy waves crash into the piers, rip currents pull swimmers away from shore,

These troubled waters remind me of the waters of baptism,

Where I died with Christ.

Help me to continue to die to myself.


Thank you for the joy the Lake brings.

Children laughing, covered with sand and water. 

Adults watching the sky turn pink and orange as the sun slips over the horizon. 

This is the joy of rising from the waters of baptism with you

Help me to daily celebrate rising with you.



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