Happy Birthday, China!

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October 1, 2014, was the People’s Republic of China’s 65th birthday.  The current Chinese government was established on October 1, 1949 (although Chinese civilization has existed for thousands of years).  October 1-7 is a national holiday (schools, factories, and some businesses are closed).  This is a nice holiday because the weather is usually good in early October and businesses, families, and cities celebrate with lots of flags and flower displays.  It is a very colorful and attractive time of year.  It is also very nice weather to travel, although so many people travel it can be very crowded and difficult to get tickets.  This year I am taking advantage of a week without class to continue to settle into my apartment.

 IMG_8242 This is the character for “country.”  It is part of a display that says “Welcome National Day” in front of a shopping complex near my house.

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