Autumn in Beijing

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Beijing’s weather is similar to Michigan’s, but slightly warmer.  While Michigan had its first frost, Beijing’s air just turned crisp this weekend.  The last few days were the first that I was comfortable in a sweater.  I have been wearing at least a cardigan for the last few weeks, so as to not scandalize Chinese people who started wearing long sleeves several weeks ago, but I have often been a bit warm.

Fall is known as the “Golden Season” in Beijing, probably some of the best weather all year.  This year it was marred by some shockingly bad air pollution for several days last week.  Saturday evening the wind picked up and blew the smog away, or something.  All I know is that late Saturday afternoon I looked out my windows and I could see buildings that I wasn’t able to see that morning.  The last two days have been wonderful weather.  Clear and crisp.  Today was sunny and lovely.  Leaves are yellow.  Come with me on today’s walk to school.


One of the main roads near my apartment.  Beijing is not a city known for its trees or green space, so I love this tree lined street!  Looking west are the mountains on Beijing’s west side.  I haven’t been to them yet, but visiting them is on my list of things to do, hopefully on a day with lovely weather.



Bike lane with yellow leaves.IMG_8548


Along that main tree lined street there is a “Health Path,” a park and walking trail.  It is just off the road so it isn’t quiet and secluded, but it does offer a bit of green space and bikes can’t get in so there is no chance of getting run over by a biker who thinks traffic laws don’t apply to them.  There is another way to get to school that cuts through some residential area and might be slightly shorter, but I like this park, so I’ve been taking this route.


There is also some public art in this park/path area, which also makes me happy.



I also got an oven this weekend, and I am going to break it in tonight or tomorrow with some fall flavors–apple muffins and pumpkin puree for pumpkin baked goods.  Looking forward to that!

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