Climbing the Great Wall: Autumn Edition

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We have Official Visitors this week, and I took them to the Great Wall Wednesday.  There are several portions north of Beijing, and the one we went to was about one and a half hours on a train from the city.  It was the first time I’ve ever escorted people to the wall—in all of my previous trips I’ve been the escorted one.  We didn’t get lost, we didn’t fall of the wall, and the biggest mishap of the day was when I let one of them buy a 30RMB ($5USD) bottle water that I thought was 3RMB (oops…).  There was still some color on the trees, there was a bit of blue sky and sunshine, and the portion of the wall we took was only slightly busy.  Overall, it was one of my favorite trips to the Great Wall, and I’m pretty sure I got my best photos so far.  If you come visit me, I’ll take you, too!

IMG_8668 IMG_8715



There is a reason that you don’t “go to the Great Wall” in Chinese.  In Chinese, you “climb the Great Wall.”  It is much more accurate.








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