When English Goes Awry

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Before I left the United States, my sister requested photos of funny signs that I see.  I have actually been quite impressed with the English on signs in Beijing.  In general it is good, and I don’t see that many that could be considered funny.  But every so often, I see things where the English just didn’t work quite right, for a variety of reasons.  Also: the same thing happens when Westerners try to use Chinese.


This advertisement in a taxi cab says something different than they mean thanks to the difficulty of English homophones.



I’m not really sure what is going on here, except that it is going to be big.  There was no Chinese offered for me to see what kind of translation problem there might be.  It is a Shaanxi Province (where Xi’an is) restaurant going in near my school, so I have high hopes that it will be awesome!


This one is grammatically correct, but the literal translation from Chinese doesn’t work idiomatically in English.  But the image of the grass smiling is rather pleasant.


IMG_8395 This one also doesn’t have problems with the English, it just makes me wonder why the sign is actually necessary!



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