Walking the Neighborhood in Early Summer

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Sometimes I like to take my camera out and take a saunter around my neighborhood, stopping to photograph whatever seems interesting.  I’ve shared this practice back in the fall and during Spring Festival.  The seasons have changed and now it is late spring or early summer (I can’t fully tell which).  Here’s some glimpses of what I saw today.


Ladies practicing their dancing in a park


Recycling collector cycling down a tree lined street


The Nail Building at the north end of the Olympic Park (a couple kilometers east of my house)


Roses in the median between the main road and the bike/bus lane


Old Man sitting on a bench


Woman reading the paper with her dogs


Young chickens roaming under the tables set up on the sidewalk at a neighborhood restaurant


Delicious food–lamb kebabs, grilled naan bread, dried fried green beans–that I enjoyed while sitting at a table outside the restaurant

  1. Barbara Carvill

    you are a first rate photographer. thanks for your visuals from the middle gwo. Blessings, Barbara

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