Unexpected T-shirts: Take 2

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Earlier this summer I shared the top 10 unexpected t-shirts I had seen to that point.  After I posted it, I kept seeing interesting t-shirts, so I continued to keep track of them.  I think this project of sorts has functioned as a culture shock antidote for me.  Sometimes you have to make your own fun when you live overseas.


Here’s some of my favorites from the last few months (with editorial comments in italics):

  1. hard core pap

2. dear sentimental stalkers

3. #yes I am a <Sourcer>

4. I want your money.  Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.  (This one had other words I didn’t have time to read and a prominent picture of Uncle Sam.)

5. Tear down the

6. Acne

7. Black!

8. Ideas are Bulletproof

9. Freshmen (worn by a middle aged man)

10. Sweatshirt (this was on a t-shirt)

11. New York City BOY (worn by a young woman)

12. Rise and shine (this one makes me want to sing!)

13. “Some Kind of Wonderful”

14. Phenom Children Are the Future (on a little kid)

15. I’m little my!  I bite because I like it! (also featured child-like illustrations, but it was worn by a very elegant and put together 40-something woman)

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  1. Barbara Carvill

    I saw one worn by a very attractive young woman: ” I like to be on top”

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