Snowy Walk Around the Neighborhood

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I’ll tell you a secret: this is a much overdue post.  This walk actually happened back in November, after our big snow.  I didn’t want to overwhelm you with snow posts, so I decided not to share it then.  Then I let a half-written post languish as a draft for a few months.  Cold and dry air has set into Beijing for the last few months, so there has been no more snow.  Looking back at these photos reminds me of how pretty it was, and how ill-equipped to deal with snow Beijing is (from my perspective as a Michigander).  The day after it snowed, the air was cold with blue skies, so I walked around my neighborhood with my camera to see what I could find.




You know a place doesn’t get much snow when they sweep it away.  These outdoor brooms look like they are a recently chopped down tree, but they seem to be quite effective.




Ice covering the sidewalk, because everyone waited until the next day to clean up from the storm.




I don’t know what we call these sort of vehicles in English, but they are essential to the online shopping business in Beijing.  Express delivery services use these to zip packages around Beijing with impressive speed and accuracy.  From the outside, they look sort of homely, but life would be significantly more annoying without them.






A Beijing building and blue sky.  This building includes the closest Starbucks to my house, the bank branch with the friendliest staff, cheap pedicures and manicures, my favorite fresh flower stand, and a Subway restaurant (and an actual subway stop is right outside).




Those clouds!  Unfortunately the dry, dry winter air in Beijing means we don’t see as many dramatic clouds as I would like.


Want to know what the neighborhood looks like in early summerOr fall?  Or during Spring Festival?

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  1. KSA

    A building with both a Subway and a Starbucks!?! Sounds almost to good to be true. Those are some great clear blue sky pictures, glad to see bj occasionally gets to enjoy those, ‘belight’ in them on the days you can. I enjoy you blog, glad I found it through velvet ashes.

    • Ruth

      There are advantages to living in Beijing, and easy access to lots of familiar foods is one of them!

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