Spring in Beijing

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Spring has arrived in Beijing!  Actually, we had a day or two this past week that felt like summer was about to arrive (but most people are still wearing their jackets, because it isn’t May 1, yet).  Spring in Beijing means flowering trees.  It is quite beautiful!  We’ve also had some good air quality days, which makes it even better.  I took part of an afternoon this week to go check out 玉渊潭公园 (yuyuan tan gongyuan) or Yuyuantan Park.  It has hundreds of cherry trees, of various types.  There are also some ponds, and hundreds of people.  I knew better than to go on a nice weekend or holiday, and yet I was still surprised at how many people were at the park on a random weekday afternoon.  Such is China.


















In case you thought I was the only person taking photos, I wasn’t.  Every other person had a DSLR.  Everyone else was using their cell phone.  But everyone was taking photos.  These more serious photographers were camped out to get a good spot to take sunset photos (I’m assuming).  I didn’t stick around that long, but enjoyed the time I had.




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