An Afternoon at the Beach

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This week I had an opportunity to visit a place I’d never been before: Dalian.  Dalian is on a penninsula in the Bohai Sea, in Northeastern China.  Its about an hour flight from Beijing or a six hour fast train ride.  This time, it was cheaper to fly than to take the train.  Dalian Map

After the things I went to do were done, I had an afternoon to explore on my own, so I spent some time at the beach.  I’d been craving a big lake or sea lately and missing Lake Michigan, so was really glad for this opportunity!  Beijing is very, very dry in winter.  As in, it rained last week for the first time I can remember since snow in early December.  It also looks like West Michigan got more snow in April than Beijing did the entire winter.  I love Lake Michigan and the sound of water gives me such peace, so the dry air leaves not just my skin chapped, but my spirit dry.  This trip to Dalian came up quickly and at a really good time for my parched spirit.  It wasn’t warm enough to get in the water yet, but it was very pleasant weather to be outside.  Since you know I love to take photos outside, I also enjoyed the scenery through the lens of my camera.






After I watched this man in the boat, he pulled up to the shore.  I was watching him tie up and wondering how he was actually going to get out of the boat.  Then he climbed right up that rope.  It was impressive.



You know it is a good spot for wedding photos when there are three different couples having their wedding photos taken at the same time.  There were also at least three other couples at the beach, too.  It was quite a popular activity.  People take their wedding photos sometime before the wedding, and print out one shot almost life-size to display at the wedding.  Whatever beautiful or interesting place you go, there are almost always people having their photos taken.  Invariably, there is a whole entourage for each couple—a photographer, a photographer’s assistant, and at least one person to manage the props and fluff the dress.  It makes for very interesting people watching.










You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; / I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, / in a dry and parched land where there is no water.” (Psalm 63:1)


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  1. Sara

    Beautiful pictures Ruth! You are gifted at capturing life thru the lens. Hope you enjoyed a time of respite. We continue to lift you up.
    Love, Sara VB

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