The Beauty of the Colorado Mountains

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One of my highlights of my time in the U.S. so far was spending time in Colorado.  I got to attend a conference, and spend time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.  We had fun hiking, eating (especially Levi), photographing, and playing.


IMG_7008 View of Long’s Peak (the only peak over 14,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park) from the camp where Mary and Jared live.


He is at a really fun age, exploring the world!

IMG_7054 View from Many Parks Curve on the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (the road was closed beyond this point due to wind and snow)




Watch out world!


IMG_7169Mary and Levi exploring the Alluvial Fan in RMNP.



IMG_7235There’s a reason they are called the Rocky Mountains.

IMG_7245 Hiking in the Wild Basin.  We mostly hiked up along a river to Copeland Falls and the Calypso Cascades.




IMG_7451 Bear Lake in RMNP—this is one of the most famous areas in the park.  We also hiked up to the next lake, and headed back after it had started to snow.

IMG_7500 Moraine Park in RMNP

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    Love these Ruth! Thanks for sending. p.s. Thought you would want to know……….(haha) I found my boots!

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