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Some months ago, I shared a list of books about China that I’ve found helpful.  But what if you don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to read a book?  Or you want to know what is happening in China today, not 10 years ago?  Blogs to the rescue!  Here are some that are in my blog reader and maybe you will enjoy them, too.


Xi’an’s Drum Tower After Dark


China Source

China Source actually includes several different blogs, many related to the church in China.  They are one of the most balanced sources of information I know.  One of the blogs, “Chinese Church Voices” translates current Christian articles into English to give English-speakers a glimpse of local discussions.

Another China Source blog/resource is ZG Briefs–a weekly round up of articles about China.  ZG Briefs has actually been around longer than blogs–I’ve been subscribed by e-mail since I studied in Beijing during college.  If I could only choose one of these resources, this is it!


Small Town Laowai

This is the blog of an American woman who lives in a city in Southern China.  I fell in love with this blog after reading “My hair and China are not on speaking terms”.  I have different issues, but my hair doesn’t like China, either.  The whole blog is very real and very funny.  She recently posted “9 Ways China Expats Offend on U.S. Soil“.  Sorry if I’ve done any of these things that offended you.


The Sixth Tone

Featuring the tagline “Fresh voices from today’s China,” they often have interesting articles about current Chinese society, generally written by Chinese people and translated into English.  A sampling of the diversity: “Bleeding Us Dry: Parenting China’s Adult Children,” “Orthodox Churches, Unorthodox Histories in China’s Far Northeast,” “Plus-Size Models Challenge China’s Narrow Beauty Standards.”


The World of Chinese

Lots of articles about life in Chinese society, especially things having to do with technology.  Some interesting posts from the last few months include: “The TWOC Guide to Wedding Gifts,” “On the Character: 快,” and “The Bikelash is Building.”



This blog is not as regularly updated these days, but the archives are a treasure trove of information, especially about Chinese culture.  The author is an American who lived in China for 20 or 30 years and is very good at explaining Chinese culture to Westerners.  Some of my favorite posts are: “Nothing is as it Seems” and “Living Well Where You Don’t Belong.”


Velvet Ashes

Velvet Ashes is not technically about China; it is for women serving anywhere overseas.  I add it to this list because it might give you a glimpse at some of the joys and challenges of serving overseas in a way some of the other sites won’t.  A few of my favorite posts: “How to Know if You are a Pre-griever or a Post-griever (and why it matters),”  “And Yet We Stay,” and “The Power of Chocolate Chip Cookies.”




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