Wait for the Lord {free advent printable}

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When I was going through the hard time I wrote about a few weeks ago–which felt a bit like a long season of Advent waiting–one of the passages that sustained me was Psalm 27, especially the last verse: “Wait for the Lord; / be strong and take heart / and wait for the Lord.”



In my house, I have a picture frame that holds a print that reflects the season of the church year in both color and theme.  I change them out as the liturgical calendar changes as a way to help me remember and live into the church calendar.  Some of them I bought as printables on etsy, I think I found one for free on Pinterest, and many of them I’ve designed myself.  Although I’ve been doing this for going on two years, I was in the U.S. for Advent and Christmas last year, so I just had to make some for these seasons.  Now my collection is complete (I keep all of them in the back of the frame, so they are very easy to change).  This Advent, I’m in a waiting period again, and so I decided to return to these challenging and comforting words.  I placed them on a purple and blue background, the traditional colors of Advent (some churches use purple and some use blue).


I was really happy with how it printed, and if you’d like to use it to help you keep Advent, I would love to share it with you.  Please don’t sell it or make a profit off it, but feel free to use it in your home, family, school, or church.  Download a large size here–you can print up to an 11×14″ print with good quality.  I hope it can bless you!


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